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About Us

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." 

-Gianni Versace

Fashion Model

Kissed by BO Image Styling

Kissed by BO Image Styling is a service that caters to women honing in on their style, in association with your confidence.  You can't truly be stylish, without being confident.  The focus is who you are as a woman, including your personality, temperament, and character, all of which bring out your most authentic style. Not only do we help with your style, whether it's finding your true style or figuring out how to curate a clothing ensemble, but We will also be challenging your thinking when it comes to your whole image, by utilizing the fashion wellness method. Challenging your relationship with clothes.  Here are a few questions that we will work together to answer: 


  • What is style?

  • What is my style?

  • What is my image?

  • How can I find my style?

  • How can I style my image?

  • What makes style even a thing? 


We are here to guide you to find the answers to these questions that lie within. We will help you find solutions with customized style quizzes, body frame assessments, and guidance through style coaching. Ultimately the goal is to present a holistic approach to show you that your style is your personality. In doing so, I will help you present a personally polished look on the outside and confidence to match on the inside. 

Image Consulting

We will help improve the personal or professional image of a client.   We'll give advice on what clothing styles, colours, designs, accessories, and materials work best to flatter an individual’s physique.  Services one time.

Style Coaching

Coaching client on styles that matches their personality as well as curate a series of looks on a monthly basis
Links to all the new items
Tips on how to coordinate pieces. Services on a reoccurring basis

Personal Styling

We want to help improve your personal and professional image of you. Whether it's photoshoot styling, unique wardrobe styling, event styling,  corporate styling, or whatever you desire.  We'll direct on what clothing styles, colors, designs, accessories, and materials work best to flatter an individual’s physique. Topping it all off with confidence

Look Book Curation

Curate a series of looks digitally for a specific event or style upgrade. 

Creative  Direction

 Together we will clarify the vision you have for your project and making sure you’ll communicate the right message for your brand. I’ll help you identify the look and vibe you want, scout locations, help with script development, create copy and even be on-site for support with performance coaching. Additional go to work procuring the right team of experts for your project from my Rolodex of elite players including hair and make-up artists, videographers, photographers, and other affiliate stylists across the country. 

Closet Audit

Get inside your closet take a audit of what's needed and what's need to be thrown away. Outfit coordination while editing the items, if time allows. Digital lookbook of the outfit coordination available. Closet Organization available if needed, though.  not included. Virtual option available

Fashion Wellness
Speaking Engagement/ Workshop(s)

A deep dive into the fashion and wellness sphere. We will discuss the epidemic of self-love deficiency that there is in our society. Then have an open conversation about how to change the narrative of how you feel in their skin before you put on your clothes. Plus helping the audience with their understanding of their body, knowing how to style for their body type and

And confidence has to match.




Learn more about our fashion wellness initiative here.

Style Party

A night of fun, open conversations of

Owning our insecurities

Building Confidence

Styling demonstrations

Review of staples vs trends

Closing with a better understanding of

loving and owning yourself, while looking good doing it!

Event Coordinator

Coordinates the entire show, or event. We are responsible for coordinating, and managing all the details in order to produce a successful event. We are in charge of supervising the production of the event, by maintaining an organized and systematic atmosphere, they make sure that the event is a success.

Sweater and Hat


Feeling whole on the inside and allowing that to translate on the outside with a beautifully curated ensemble. Fashion and wellness are often not placed in the same arena, but we are in the business of breaking molds, moreover breaking unhealthy mindsets concerning your image. With the aid of our team of experienced stylists, and coaches. We are here to help bring the beauty within to the forefront. Check out our services below and see which fits you, your  brand, your company best

Meet The Team

Our Clients/Workshops & Speaking Engagements

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