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Afro hair model, Atlanta, Atlantic Station


Think denim, but make it fashion. Now make it intentional and you have kissed by BO; a wearable art, fashion and personal brand curated by Braisha Owens.


kissed by BO, originally BO style, started, as a personal trademark for the then fashion and art design student. Her studies at Kent State University and experience in the university’s art showcases and fashion shows gave her inspiration for the moniker in 2013. Think of it as her own fashion house.  She created a business plan for kissed by BO that same year; which allowed her creative voice to blossom before her eyes.  


An endorser of individuality and a lover of confidence, Braisha set out to instill those principles in every acquaintance by specializing in handcrafted exclusive wares. Her first stop was Chicago, Illinois where she received training as an Assistant Stylist at The Image Studio. She returned home to Akron, Ohio in 2016 with inspiration for her Fashion wellness brand, The Paper Bag Chronicles. The PBC takes her vision of confidence and all that it can bring a step further by posing the question, “Can you rock a paper bag?” The motto represents the idea that everyone should understand confidence to the point that it shines through any outfit, even if it were a paper bag.


Armed with her faith in God, Braisha maintained her positive attitude while moving her brand to Columbus, Ohio.  While in Columbus, she produced and participated in numerous local fashion shows, created small-scale fashion events, also became a  regular on the Joy 107.1 radio station with her style tips, as well as a Content Creator with Macy's at Polaris mall..  Columbus is her launchpad, stay tuned for more to come from Fashion Power House Kissed by BO.  

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