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Kissed by BO, and The Paper Bag Chronicles blog

The merge is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I often separated the two, from style and fashion design being that of Kissed by BO, then self love and confidence being that of The Paper Bag Chronicles. The live merge of the two is kissed by BO presents the Paper Bag Chronicles Fashion show, but wait!

I created a community were we can talk about all things style, with some confidence, and a sprinkle of self love everyday all day. Not just a Bomb a$$ show, which only happens once a year at which you come, enjoy a show, a buy some dope one of a kind pieces, and leave. What does that solve?

I want to continue the conversation, there is so much to talk about leading up to the the show, as well as after the show. So what's next?

Right here is next!!

So I'd like to welcome you to KBB x PBC Blog.

This has been a long time coming, I have tried this before though now is the time to really flesh it out.

Let us build each other's confidence up, let us aid each other in self love, and kill it with style.

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