Braisha Owens - Designer of wearable arts and stylist for all from the social misfits to the ultra-conservative, SHE IS a model, creative visionary and entrepreneur. A dream promoter in her own right, She is DETERMINED to follow her dreams.  Considering herself an endorser of individuality and a lover of confidence, Braisha tries to instill those principles in every acquaintance. She created the concept for her business plan in the summer of 2013, which allowed her creative voice and love of individuality to blossom before her eyes. This gave birth to BO, specializing in handcrafted exclusive wares.  Continuing to strive for the best and encouraging others to do the same, this is only the beginning for this young designer, stylist, and creative being.  Her first stop was  living in Chicago for a short time, next stop who knows.  Though Akron, Ohio always being home you can consider this young women an traveling artist.  Embracing her motto "can you rock a paper bag," Braisha desires for everyone to understand confidence should  shine through  any outfit.  Armed with her faith in God, she carries a positive attitude and is definitely going places.

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