Kissed by BO

The Heart of it all.

The umbrella company to all brand extensions, and subsidiary brands

It all started with an idea. Kissed by BO was birthed in 2013, at  Kent State University. Formerly named BO Style then re-named "kissed by BO" randomly sitting at a restaurant of a friend'ss birthday gathering, in 2016.  Starting from selling t-shirts with my logo on them, and my photo-styling services in the ballrooms of KSU to outside picnics, it grew into the powerhouse, locally, notable known Fashion Brand it is today.   Catering to clients who are your social misfits to the ultra-conservatives.   Kissed by BO is the umbrella to all of it's extensions and subsidiary brands.   One would consider kissed by BO ltd, as a conglomerate which breaks down into  3 main components, 1, styling 2, design/retail, and  3, production.

Under its umbrella of Styling is:

Style Consultation

Personal/ Lifestyle Styling

Photoshoot Styling

Virtual Styling

Style Coaching

Style Parties



Online Cart Purchases

Visual Merchandising

Closet Audit

Virtual Closet Audit

Under the umbrella of design and retail there is:

Made to order items

Kissed by BO Boutique "Custom House"

Kissed by BO Boutique " Barely Basics"

Under the umbrella of production:

Event Coordination/Planning

Fashion Show Coordination

Self Love Workshops

Self Love Retreats

Photoshoot Coordination

Creative Directing

Self Love Personal Shoots

Brand coaching


 With its newest edition “The Style Lounge,” which is a styling subscription-based focusing on challenging women’s idea of style- launching January 2021.






  Overall kissed by BO is my child, at which I physically gave birth to her, and am currently watching her grow into that Fashion House, she is destined to be. 

The Boutique

"You've never been kissed until you've been kissed by BO"

Kissed by BO Boutique is a Black-Owned Luxury Denim Brand an extension of "kissed by BO ltd"  Serving the same purpose just within the realms of design and retail.  It was founded with a base-line theme  of “fashion with a purpose.” Housing 85% DENIM  the 15% a surprise.

The costume house specializes in creating pieces with a wearable art and denim component to them.  Also displaying some characteristics of being avant-guard.   Then the "barely basics" section houses all of your "almost" basics items,  with a touch of that BO Flava.  

Every piece has a message to them based on the scripture, “ strength and honor are her clothing…” Proverbs 31.25.

With KBO MAN- the men's line coming soon.

The 2020 self love photoshoot

The Paper Bag Chronicles

      "But can you rock a paper bag?"

After styling for some years, I seen there was a need change the narrative of how women and young girls felt in their skin.  As a stylist I was not truly helping people as much as I could, thus creating The Paper Bag Chronicles. This philanthropic subsidiary brand- showcases self-love photoshoots, Confidence based Fashion Show, and self-love workshops/ brunches.  This brand was built upon confidence- " Being fearlessly unapologetically confident in yourself and all you do. "The Paper Bag Chronicles" will; help to build and develop a better sense of self, even greater sense of self-love and showcase women and girls of all shapes, sizes, color and creed beng fearlessly and unapologetically confident in themselves.