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Kissed by BO

Style Party

Confidence, Style, and a little Fashion

A party where a group of women get together bringing their confidence and style and have a party. We start with learning our bodies; understanding the Beyonce and the background dancers of styling, as well as the staples and the wild cards.  After a couple of glasses of wine, we enter into open discussion ranging from insecurities, personal style, desired style, to ideal self-image. Then pair it with demonstrations of the theme of the party. Party themes/ topics are:

  • Must-haves for the season

  • How to wear jeans

  • The Little black dress hacks

  • Work to play looks

  • Effortless throw on

  • Accessories 101

  • Custom Topic made by the host

 Always concluding with a better understanding of your personal style and loving your body.

If this screams you, then let's have a party in style. 

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